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5 Standard Poodles, 2 Cats, 4 Fish tanks

We wanted to get away, sometimes for just a day, occasionally for a vacation out of the country … but we had all our furry companions and other critters to think of (and alas, many times we didn’t go)! Scheduling them to go to a vet or pet “compound” so they can go into cages most of the day? NO thanks! Could we have asked neighbors to come over FOUR times a day? Maybe for one day’s getaway, but after that, it’s too embarrassing. In 2006, into our life comes Big Sky Animal Nanny: what a WONDERFUL blessing! Their professionalism, reliability and care has been the best on earth! We have been overjoyed in the service lovingly given by Jamie, Kendra and the BSAN team. We can now go away and truly relax knowing that all our pets will get lots of attention and care. Their service has truly increased our quality of life!!

Simon R. R. Atkins

President, AFCrisk.com

1 cat

When my people leave, I know I'll be well taken care of by my own personal Animal Nanny! Don't tell my people, but I think I actually get more cat nip and belly rubs from Jamie and Kendra than I do from them.

Spook the cat

3 cats

We have had the pleasure of working with Big Sky Nanny for the past couple of years. They have provided excellent care of our three cats to include the added problem of keeping the older cat away from the two younger ones. They leave notes to tell us what went on while we were gone, plus the added service of picking up our mail. I have found it easy to communicate with them by the phone or E mail. Strongly recommend them for anyone needed home pet care.

John & Jessica

15 cats, 5 dogs

I've been doing rescue work as long as I can remember and it's always been tough to go on vacation. It's a big job taking care of 15 cats and 5 dogs and no one I hired did a very good job. Each time I came home not only was I disappointed but spent hours cleaning. That is until I hired Jamie and Kendra. These two are incredible! Not only did they feed, water and keep the animal areas clean but spent time loving on each one. Now I can go on vacation without any worry.

Jamie and Kendra are truly responsible, knowledgeable and genuinely love animals. If they can handle my big job they can handle anything!


The Quinn Gang

3 dogs, 7 cats, 1 parrot

In all of my years of being a pet owner, I have never felt more comfortable leaving my pets than with "the girls" of BSAN. My critters love them, and I love the fact that they are reliable and trustworthy, and I can't imagine using someone else. Top-notch in my book!


1 cat

Big Sky Animal Nanny has helped me (and my cat) for over 5 years; I am so fortunate to know such caring and trustworthy people who are always willing to go the extra mile. I feel very secure when leaving town knowing that my pet and home are in great hands. Thanks, Jamie and Kendra.....you ladies are the best!!

Angie & Mark

2 dogs

I truly appreciate all you do for Keegan, Kyndle and myself while I am gone. You always go above and beyond to make sure my little family is safe, happy and well cared for. I have complete peace of mind leaving them in your more than capable hands. You girls are the best!


3 cats

Jamie and Kendra have visited my furry family almost monthly for five years. My girls and the gentleman love them and tell me wonderful stories about how kind Jamie and Kendra are to them in my absence. Don't know what we would do without them!


1 dog

Jamie and Kendra,

Having counted on Big Sky Animal Nanny for several years, we have and will continue to highly recommend you guys to anyone wanting responsible, personal care for their pets. You are readily accessible by phone or email, always courteous, take your job very seriously, and have gone the extra mile in looking after our elderly and separation anxious dogs. Thanks for being there! We'll be calling you again!

Keep up the good work!

Linda, Mike and Flyer

3 cats

Both my husband and I travel for work frequently, including many last-minute trips, and we are so fortunate to have Big Sky take care of our girls. Our 3 cats are in great care with Jamie & Kendra while we are gone. They miss us, but they are relaxed and calm while we are gone. We really appreciate that Big Sky is available for us any time -- be it a scheduled vacation, or at a moment's notice in case my flight home is delayed or canceled.


2 dogs, 1 cat

I keep your business card in my wallet at all times--not only because it is cute and I love your slogan ("We love them when you leave them,") but also so I can call you when 'life happens.' It is such a comfort to know if we have to leave town whether it is a planned trip or emergency our pets are in such good hands. I am so grateful to be able to leave and know my pets will be as well cared for as if I was home with them.

Yours truly,

Nancy Oakes